The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges : Concepts and Principles

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Robert Benaim

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2008 | | PDF | 608 pages

Examining the fundamental differences between design and analysis, Robert Benaim explores the close relationship between aesthetic and technical creativity and the importance of the intuitive, more imaginative qualities of design that every designer should employ when designing a structure.

Aiding designers of concrete bridges in developing an intuitive understanding of structural action, this book encourages innovation and the development of engineering architecture. Simple, relevant calculation techniques that should precede any detailed analysis are summarized. Construction methods used to build concrete bridge decks and substructures are detailed and direct guidance on the choice and the sizing of different types of concrete bridge deck is given. In addition guidance is provided on solving recurring difficult problems of detailed design and realistic examples of the design process are provided.

This book enables concrete bridge designers to broaden their scope in design and provides an analysis of the necessary calculations and methods.

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The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges : Concepts and Principles1


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