POST-TENSIONED BUILDINGS. Design and Construction

Bijian O.Aalami

2014 г.
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размещено: 31 Октября 2017
POST-TENSIONED BUILDINGS. Design and ConstructionПроектирование и строительство постнапряженных желехобетонных конструкций.
The book builds on over three decades of author's observation and design of post-tensioning projects in more than 35 countries worldwide. Having met and discussed with thousands of practitioners whose work encompasses the design or construction of post-tensioned projects, the author presents his observations and experience in a clear and concise format, highlighting the concepts and procedures that lead to good practice and economical designs. The book is easy to read and is accompanied by many schematics and photographs of actual post-tensioning installations.
The International Edition covers ACI 318/IBC, EC2, and TR43 in SI (N, mm) system of units.

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