Economic and financial analysis of hydropower projects. Hydropower development Vol. 6.

Kurt Goldsmith (Norwegian Institute of Technology)

1993 г.
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The purpose of this book is to acquaint engineers with the purposes that come into play in economic project appraisal - economic rather that technical because it is pre-supposed that the economic test of merit is applied only to projects that have been shown to be technically feasible and sound. The book is aimed at the engineer, not the economist, on the premise that basic project appraisal is more closely linked with economic theory in general although it must be appreciated that engineering economics - the subject of the book - does involve some economic thinking. Engineers ought to be familiar with the methods used in practical project evaluation and with the questions to be asked, and answered, when the feasibility of a project comes into question. Project optimisation often requires re-examination of the system into which the project is to be fitted and this is basically an engineering exercise.

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