Hydropower in Norway. Mechanical equipment.

Arne Kjølle

2001 г.
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размещено: 08 Декабря 2018
The subjects being mentioned comprise all main components of a hydro power plant from the upstream end with the basin for water intake to the downstream end of the water flow outlet. Those parts of the plant which are not specifically of the mechanical equipment category, are simply mentioned to inform about their function and position in the system structure. For the the mechanical equipment it is given basic theory for the hydraulic design of turbines, theory and description of methods for tests of models and prototypes of turbines, theory for the dynamics in water conduits and governing of turbines. Further descriptions are given of the design structure of all actual turbines, valves, governors and auxilliary equipment. In addition a touch on forces transferred to the foundations, causes to damages on the machines, condition control and quality assurance is given.

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