Griffith Ira Samuel

1916 г.
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CarpentryPeoria, Illinois: The Manual Arts Press, 1916. — 194 p.
It is the author's hope that the following text may be of service to apprentices to the trade, to vocational and trade school students, and to manual training students. The author's experience as a carpenter leads him to feel that not a few journey man carpenters may find their horizon widened and their usefulness as framers of the unusual roof increased by a study of Chapter IV where an effort has been made to indicate how the principles involved in framing the square and octagonal roof may be "generalized" so as to make possible their application to roofs of any number of sides. Beyond this, the book makes claims to being nothing more than an elementary treatise of the essentials of carpentry.

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Ingpro , 28 февраля 2023 в 19:20
Спасибо, хорошая книжка!